Welcome to Haiseas Ltd!

We are a manufacturing, retail and consulting company representing textile industry. We offer various products of the textile industry from China and other Far East countries to our European clients. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we are able to settle and maintain an efficient, profitable cooperation between our clients and suppliers.


Professional knowledge, knowledge of traditional solutions and the latest technologies in the textile industry is a basis of our success. China for years of its dynamic development had been...

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China offers huge potential for production in the textile industry. At the same time China is a big challenge for entrepreneurs and companies with no experience in cooperation with...

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Our success and success of our clients is based on the great performance of our experienced team, which includes both Chinese and Europeans employees. We are focused on people...

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Our acquired knowledge, gained experience and competent team ensure that us and our clients will achieve goals and guarantee proper implementation of projects...

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In our life we often face problems which solutions require the immensity of time and energy. We often face problems that someone has already had to deal with and effectively solved....

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Our priority is the best possible relationship with our client founded on mutual trust. Clients got in us a trusted business partner. Having our professional support, leaving to us full control over the...

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