Textiles For ages China has been a source of finest woven and knitted fabrics made of silk, wool and cotton. In the second half of XX century we could observe the rapid development of Chinese textile industry based on natural as well as synthetic fibers. Today China is the global leader in the field of textile industry. We have here the world’s richest source of local and foreign raw materials and semi-products, but also the most advanced textile industry infrastructure with newest machines, processes and technologies available. For this reason we can arrange here every kind of textile production from raw fibers, through fabric making, up to it's final, even most unique, finishing.

We have produced textiles in China for many years. Thanks to our experience we are able to arrange production for those clients who are focused on the price and cost issues, as well as for those, who are looking for the highest level of quality required during public tenders for army, police, and many other professions where uniform is required.

We produce woven and knitted fabric for light and heavy garments, technical and special use fabrics, fabrics required by furniture industry, for manufacturers of bags and suitcases, for automotive industry and many others. We guarantee the highest quality and competitive price.