We help companies and entrepreneurs interested in establishing trade relationships with suppliers from People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India etc. Our long experience allows us to guarantee our clients complete safety of transactions. We offer a complex service including:

  • recommending a verified supplier from our database,
  • seeking out and verifying a new supplier suited to our clients' specific requirements,
  • negotiating price and other terms of contracts (form of payment, type of transport etc.),
  • quality assurance of products and production conditions before, during and after its completion,
  • overseeing the process of certification and obtaining licenses, certificates, laboratory examinations,
  • organizing the proper form of transportation (by sea, by air, intermodal),
  • ensuring the correctness of required export­import documents

Thanks to our complex services our clients don’t have to spend their time and energy on buying and controlling the quality of products purchased in the Far East, which allows them to reduce their operational costs. At the same time, they can engage in development of their markets, letting them gain an advantage over the competition.