Socks, stockings, tights

Socks, stockings, tights One of our flagship products are socks, tights and stockings. We produce this type of knitting products since the beginning of our business activity in China. We cooperate for years with verified and proven partners, who offer most advanced production facilities based on modern machines and technologies, so we are able to achieve the highest quality of products, and at the same time we are able to reduce production costs to a minimum, which is unattainable for producers mainly dependent on human labor. For the production of socks, tights and stockings we use traditional yarns such as cotton and nylon, but due to a network of reliable suppliers of yarn we also use for production many other raw materials such as wool, nylon, bamboo, or Lycra. We produce many types of:

  • men's socks
  • socks for athletes
  • five fingers socks
  • leggings
  • pantyhose ("tights") for children and adults
  • nylon stockings
  • stockings
  • other types on customers demand

For all these products we organize the production of decorative packaging unit, packing a "multi-pack" and other required by the customer forms of packaging. We guarantee high quality and offer very flexible quantities.